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Wild Alaska Travel - Unique Alaska Tour and Travel packages

Why book with us?

Best price and value

We believe in providing you the best value for your money. Price is nothing without service and that's something we guarantee from the moment you arrive. We have a solid reputation for going well above-and-beyond the call of duty when it comes to your tour needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

Small group size

Our small groups provide a highly personalized and intimate experience. One of the most fundamental elements of all of our tours is to have an extremely small group (usually no more than six guests). It may cost a little more, but in the end we know that we would not be able to provide the level of quality experience to a larger group.

Top notch guides

The most important aspect of any guided adventure is the quality of the guide. The combined Alaska experience of our guides spans more than 50 years! Our reviews speak for themselves. We know Alaska intimately, and look forward to sharing our knowledge of Alaska with you!

Don't take our word for it - our guests say it best

John Casseb, TexasJohn Casseb, TexasIditarod Start Tour
The Iditarod Start Tour was fantastic! The small group size was a huge plus. I highly recommend this trip for anyone who has any desire to see true Alaska. If you want to get up close and personal with Alaska, Wild Alaska Travek will take you there.
David Waldman & Jantina Tuthill, WyomingDavid Waldman & Jantina Tuthill, Wyoming Alaska Polar Bear & Northern Lights Tour
Many, many thanks for providing us with such a wonderful experience of a lifetime. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing the time with you and enjoying the moments which will now last a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you again soon on another adventure!
Lucy & Susan Yarnell, Washington, D.C.Lucy & Susan Yarnell, Washington, D.C.Alaska Northern Lights Tour
We so loved our time with you this trip. Traveling up north and seeing the Northern lights was a dream come true, and completely magical. Thanks for sharing your passion for the Alaskan wilderness and your love of adventure. We had a blast!
I always wanted to see the Northern Lights but this trip also included seeing Polar Bears in their natural habitat. What a bonus! You will not get 5 star hotels, so don't expect that. But you will experience the real life of those wonderful people that live in the very extreme northern Alaska. I have traveled a lot and all over the world. And have a lot of stories to tell about guides, but Laurent is up there in my top two. I will travel with Wild Alaska Travel again.
Andra Haviland, TexasAndra Haviland, TexasIditarod Start Tour
The Iditarod Start Tour was a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget. It was the most wonderful experience in my life.
Sara & Thomas McElroy, WashingtonSara & Thomas McElroy, WashingtonIditarod Finish & Northern Lights Tour
Thank you so much for an incredible adventure in Nome for the end of the Iditarod and for making our first trip to Alaska so much fun. Laurent was so knowledgeable and we loved having the opportunity to explore Alaska with him. We definitely recommend this trip to others.
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