Nan Eagleson – Lead Guide

Nan-Eagleson-Lead-Guide-Wild-Alaska-TravelNan Eagleson has lived and worked in the arctic and subarctic of Alaska and Canada for more than 30 years. Nan’s passion for wildlife and wild places started many years ago, when she graduated with a degree in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University. She have been residing year round for over 20 years on the edge of Denali National Park with her family, which includes a team of sled dogs. She loves to dog mush in the winter he has worked in association with Jeff King’s Husky Homestead operation for many years, logging hundreds of miles on the trail with his Iditarod dogs. She also has more than a decade experience as chief naturalist at the Denali Education Center. Nan is a world-class naturalist and a conservationist at heart with a remarkable breadth of knowledge and unbounded enthusiasm for wildlife and wild places.

“This trip was soo far beyond our best expectations!..and Nan was absolutely a gem- it is not often one gets to meet such a genuinely kind , sweet and exuberant soul. It really made the trip way over the top!” – Tim Freeman, Cincinnati, Ohio (2013 Iditarod Finish & Northern Lights Tour)