Friday, February 17th, 2012
Sailing To Antarctica

As we are about to head out in the Beagle Channel, round the Cape Horn and cross the Drake Passage, I think back to my first journey to Antarctica four years ago, when I was part of an international sailing expedition who reeinacted the first scientific journey to Antarctica. Much has changed in over a century, of course we have more technology and a greater knowledge of the area now, but there were still many parallels. Nautical considerations at still at the heart of any expedition to Antarctica, the Southern Ocean as well as the ‘White Continent’ are still as wild and unforgiving, and it remains an intense interpersonal adventure. Here is a shot of our sailboat working its way through large ice floes south of the Antarctic Circle, shortly before we got trapped in the ice. But that’s another story…
If you are interested in sailing to Antarctica yourself, check out the link below to the photo expedition I am putting together for December 2012/January 2013:


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