Tuesday, September 27th, 2011
My Last Flight With Jim Andie

There’s much I could write about what turned out to be my last flight with Jim. I remember how we both really enjoyed being in wild places, and we shared a real affinity for the evening light. Jim loved the Broad Pass area on the eastern margins of Denali National Park, and incidentally this is where this picture was taken. We had flown deep into the glacial world of Denali National Park and around Mount McKinley, but somehow it was when we experienced this gorgeous light that the flight took on a different dimension. It was a spiritual moment, and we didn’t have to articulate anything, we just enjoyed the moment and the beauty of it all. With Jim’s tragic passing I am again reminded to enjoy every moment. Life is very fragile, whether we are on the ground or in the air. Farewell, Jim, you are and always will be an amazing guy. Alaska has lost not just a pilot but a great human being.


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