Friday, November 5th, 2010
YUKON QUEST – A photo journey

This book captures the action and agony playing out along the Yukon Quest, a mushing marathon traversing 1000 miles of North America’s wildest terrain in conditions best described as extreme. Photographer Laurent Dick spent six years on the Yukon Quest Trail, in sunshine and snowstorms, capturing the images for this remarkable book. A compilation of photos, poetry by Brian O’Donoghue and insightful quotes from Quest veterans, the book beautifully captures the spirit of the toughest race on earth. Over 100 full color photos illustrate the journey between Fairbanks, Alaska and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.

Following routes blazed by Klondike-era gold seekers, Quest mushers travel by dog team between Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and Fairbanks, Alaska. It’s a setting offering unparalleled visual splendor and a race boasting international flavor, matching teams from across the globe in a border-crossing charge along frozen rivers and over daunting wind swept summits. Through his images Dick takes us for a mad ride, revealing the Quest journey’s progression: first comes competition, then survival, sheer stamina and, finally, recognition of the power of interspecies cooperation.

(Book review by Mushing Magazine) A MUST SEE: YUKON QUEST – A PHOTO JOURNEY

Most of us will never have the experience of running …

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