Monday, November 14th, 2011
Tenakee Springs

The full moon late last week illuminates Tenakee’s houses built on stilts along the shore of Tenakee Inlet. I had heard a lot about Tenakee Springs when I was in Juneau, so I am glad to finally experience this quaint town of around 100 residents (maybe half as many in winter). Located on Chichagof Island on the north side of Tenakee Inlet, Tenakee Springs feels a lot more remote and off the beaten path than its proximity to Juneau or Sitka (only 45 miles southwest of Juneau and 50 miles northeast of Sitka) may suggest. It’s accessible only by water (State ferry or private boat) or by plane. The State ferry provides passenger transportation only – there are no vehicle landing facilities or local roads in Tenakee. There is a three mile long main street used for walking, bicycle or ATV only – there are no cars here, except for the fuel and fire trucks!


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