Monday, August 1st, 2011
Whale Watching At Its Best

Greta’s cousin Sean McKeown and I were fishing for Coho’s on Saturday when the VHF got busy with whale sightings. It was a gorgeous day on the water, calm and sunny, and after we got our limit of Silver salmon, Sean saw no reason to hurry back to land. Instead, he steered his boat, appropriately named ‘Not on Call’, to Stephens Passage, where we joined an armada of boats watching Humpback whales bubblenet feed. It was just awe-inspiring to see and hear these gigantic marine mammals up close. This day reminded me just how exceptional a place Juneau is. Almost one million visitors stop in Juneau for a few hours during the summer to catch a glimpse of the magic of this place some of us are fortunate to call home.


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