Saturday, November 3rd, 2012
Ice Road Truckers On The Dalton Highway

There’s not a tougher, riskier drive out there than the one truckers must make to reach North America’s biggest oil field around Prudhoe Bay in the North Slope of Alaska. Truckers hauling heavy loads must first travel north from Fairbanks along the treacherous Dalton Highway for more than 400 miles. And that’s just the beginning–once the truckers reach the end of the highway in Deadhorse, they must then embark on one of a network of ice roads that connect Deadhorse with the far-flung oil fields west and east of Prudhoe Bay. North Slope ice roads are built during the winter months, when temperatures drop to 20 degrees below zero or less. They crisscross the tundra, following river systems such as the Colville and crossing frozen expanses of the Beaufort Sea. Here, traffic on the Dalton Highway is backed-up because a semi-trailer was jack-knifed in the middle of the road as a result of slick road conditions.


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