Thursday, December 1st, 2011
Tenakee Springs

Tenakee Springs is one of those uniquely Alaskan places. It’s far enough off the beaten path to have retained its authentic feeling. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the town is a single line of homes and a few businesses strung out along the shore for about one mile. Behind the homes is the only road, unpaved, where almost all the traffic is on foot or on bike. There are few ATV’s around, but many people use wheelbarrows and pushcarts haul groceries and other cargo. It feels like a journey back in time. There are a couple large pickup trucks in town with tanks that serve as the local fire and fuel trucks. A daily float-plane run connects the town with the rest of the world. The only other way to get to Tenakee is by boat, taking most of a day to get from Juneau. Quite a few people from Juneau have second homes here, so during my time there the town seemed very quiet, considering that maybe only half or less of its 100 residents were there. The school seems to have struggled in recent years to maintain its minimum enrollment of 10 K-12 students. The hot …

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