Friday, April 15th, 2011
Trumpeter Swan's Graceful Movements In The Sky


Looking at the Trumpeter Swans flying overhead in their graceful flight reminds me of my favorite nature documentary “Winged Migration” (“Le Peuple Migrateur”) directed by Jacques Perrin. “Winged Migration” is the result of four years of following and documenting the amazing odysseys of migratory birds, in the northern hemisphere and then the south, species by species, flying over seas and continents. “For every one of us, these winged creatures are among the most fascinating, the most shrouded in mystery and poetry. Among all the vertebrates, they are the only ones to have mastered the open sky. Through a series of miracles of evolution, they have conquered all the skies by equipping themselves with remarkably adapted organs, wings covered with feathers, powerful muscles to move them, the heart of a long distance runner. They combine a minimum of weight with maximum strength and ease. Their flight gives them an accurate place in the biosphere; no other animal has ever come to contest this. Their exceptional faculties have allowed them to answer annual fluctuations in the climates by finding refuge during the winter far from their homelands where they breed. They are the undeniable champions among all the long distance migrants. The …

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