Monday, March 21st, 2011
Skiing Mount Jumbo


Mount Jumbo offers a pretty exhilarating ski from 3,500 feet back down to almost sea level. After we had almost touched the bright blue sky, we put on our skis on and headed back down. Above, Noah Jenkins carves a few telemark turns through pristine sparkling diamonds on the broad summit plateau before heading down a steep narrow chute on the north face of the mountain. In the distance is Young Bay and Mansfield Peninsula. To the right, Demian Schane downclimbs to the lip leading into the couloir to dig a snow pit, before Jessie Goodrich skied for the first three turns while still being roped up and on belay. Below, Pat Goodrich skis the lower portion of the bowl on the north face of Mount Jumbo. The mixture of near-champagne powder, gorgeous weather and great company made for a wonderful day in the mountains. We all agreed how lucky we are to have Douglas Island at our doorstep. The island offers some of the most accessible backcountry skiing around Juneau, unlike other less accessible areas, where helicopter support is almost unavoidable.



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