Saturday, April 27th, 2013
Alaska Polar Bear & Northern Lights Tour with Denali Add-on

This Ultimate Alaska Bear Viewing Tour, the Alaska Polar Bear Tour and Northern Lights Tour with the Denali Add-on, is the only tour package in Alaska that allows you to see Grizzly and Polar bears on the same tour! You will see Grizzly Bears and other wildlife like caribou and moose as well as experience the peak of the fall colors in Denali National Park, and stay at a small lodge in the heart of the park near Wonder Lake.  Then  you will travel to the Arctic Coast to observe Polar Bears in the best Polar Bear viewing area in Alaska as well as experience Northern Lights in one of the best aurora viewing locations in North America.

You will also experience the world famous Dalton Highway of ‘Ice Road Truckers’ fame, cross the Arctic Circle, stay in heart of the Brooks Range in a quaint Alaskan Bush village, explore one of Alaska’s most captivating landscapes, visit an Eskimo village, relax in natural hot springs, and much more.

“Alaska is an incredibly beautiful and vast place, wild and open. Words, photos and video can’t come close to the experience of the reality. If you love the outdoors, adventure and want to

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