Homer, Alaska
$6,450/per person
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August 10 – 15, 2024
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2024 Alaska Brown Bear Viewing Tour

Our Alaska Brown Bear Viewing Tour takes you to some of the most amazing places in Alaska where you can experience wild Alaskan brown bears in their natural habitat. The areas we fly into are in the middle of the largest population concentration of brown bears in the world!

You will be watching brown bears on four consecutive days in four different locations in Katmai and in or near Lake Clark National Park. Each of these locations offers incredible opportunities to observe brown bears ranging in their natural environment. You will watch bears as they dig for clams, graze on sedge grasses, establish dominance, and fish for salmon and teach new cubs how to catch salmon themselves.

This brown bear viewing tour is a wilderness tour. You will walk along the same trails as the bears do, sit on the same riverbanks as they do or observe them from a skiff as they go about their day-to-day life. There are no barriers, fences or platforms separating you from bears and other wildlife.

Your flights depart from Homer (by wheel plane) and from Soldotna (by floatplane).  You will fly across Cook Inlet and past glaciers and volcanoes along the rugged, wild coastlines of Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park.

Alaska brown bear in Lake Clark National Park

Our Alaska brown bear viewing tour allows you to experience brown bear viewing in some of the most scenic areas of Alaska.

See brown bear sows and cubs on our Alaska brown bear viewing tour.

See brown bear sows as they teach their cubs.

Aerial view of Lake Clark National Park

Aerial view of the vast wilderness of  Lake Clark National Park.

Mount Redoubt volcano

Mount Redoubt is an active volcano in the largely volcanic Aleutian Range.

Floatplane dropping of visitors in Lake Clark National Park

You will be flying in to the Alaska wilderness by both floatplane, which will land on lakes, as well as by wheelplane, which will land on beaches.

See brown bears fishing for salmon on our Alaska brown bear viewing tour.

Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park provide some of the beast brown bear viewing opportunities in the world.


On our Alaska brown bear viewing tour, you can see and photograph brown bears up close and personal in the natural habitat!


  • Observe brown bears for four days in their natural habitat
  • Fly by floatplane (2x) and wheel plane (2x)
  • Explore Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park from the air, by boat and on foot
  • Discover Homer and some of the beaches along Katchemak Bay
  • 6 days/five nights accommodations with million dollar view of Homer
  • Fully guided
  • All expenses (accommodations, three meals a day, transportation & activities) included in tour price
  • 6 daus (five nights) of lodging in Homer
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • All transportation during the tour
  • All activities
  • National Park Service fees
  • Professional instruction on how to capture the best brown bear photos

Day 1 – Saturday, August 10: Homer (arrival)

Fairbanks Alaska Photo (c) Laurent DickWelcome to Homer! You will either arrive by scheduled flight from Anchorage or you are welcome to drive with us by van from Anchorage. Nestled at the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, Homer is a captivating gem that beckons adventure seekers, nature lovers, and anyone yearning for an authentic Alaskan experience. Known as the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World” and adorned with breathtaking landscapes, Homer you a unique blend of outdoor adventures, cultural richness, and a laid-back charm. You will be staying in a comfortable Airbnb with sweeping views of Homer Spit, Katchemak Bay and the Kenai Mountains. This will be your home base for the next six days.

Day 2 – Sunday, August 11: Near Mount Redoubt and Lake Clark National Park

Arctic Circle AlaskaToday, we drive to Soldotna to catch a floatplane that will take you across Cook Inlet and to the base of Mount Redoubt. The western shores of the Cook Inlet are the ultimate brown bear habitat. The creeks that run through the prairies are loaded with salmon, attracting resident brown bear populations to the areas all summer long. After a quick 30-minute flight, you will get into a skiff and start looking for brown bears. The bears are here to fish for sockeye and silver salmon and to teach their cubs how to eventually do their own fishing. You can get as close as 30 feet from these magnificent animals in the complete safety of the boat while the bears go about their business of fishing and relaxing. After about five hours of bear viewing and exploring some of the scenery, you will return to the floatplane base and fly back to Soldotna. You will explore the sights between Soldotna and Homer on our leisurely drive back.

Day 3 – Monday, August 12: Katmai National Park

Explore and photograph Dalton HighwayToday we will fly into Halo Bay in Katmai National Park. After a short safety briefing, you’ll put on a pair of waterproof hip boots, and climb aboard a bush plane.

The one hour flight will take you over and around several volcanoes, glaciers, and rivers where you’ll land on long sandy beaches or one of many floatplane lakes or rivers. From there, you will walk along the shoreand observe bears in their natural habitat. You will watch bears they dig for clams, graze on sedge grasses, establish dominance, and teach new cubs how to catch salmon in the river. After spending the day in the heart of bear country, you will fly back to Homer in the afternoon.

Upon our return to Homer, we will explore its small-town charm. The streets are lined with quirky shops, local eateries, and friendly faces. The Homer Spit in particular exudes a quaint fishing village ambiance, offering a relaxing atmosphere to unwind and savor the simplicity of life in Homer.

Day 4 – Tuesday, August 13: Lake Clark National Park

This morning we drive back up to Soldotna for another floatplane trip, this time into Crescent Lake in Lake Clark National Park. The 45-minute flight in itself is a spectacular flightseeing tour; this scenic route takes you by Mount Redoubt, an active volcano, numerous salmon streams, glaciers, and other Alaskan sights. Your floatplane will land on the lake, and after disembarking your pilot will give you a brief bear orientation. We will take a trip upriver to look for bears, as they fish for salmon or meander along the shore. Afterwards, we will cruise along the shoreline of the lake and keep an eye out for bears. There’s a shallow estuary where bears often congregate to fish for salmon. Lake Clark National Park is beginning to be well known as the best bear viewing in Alaska, and for good reason. This area is home mostly to brown bears, but it is not uncommon to see a few black bears in the area as well. We will drive back to Homer in the late afternoon.

Day 5 – Wednesday, August 14: Lake Clark National Park

Lake Clark National Park Today you will fly into Chinita Bay. The nutrition-filled estuaries of Chinitna Bay attract brown bears from spring to fall. Much like in Halo Bay, brown bears munch on sedges (grass-like plants that are rich in protein) and other plants that grow along the salt marsh, extract clams from the tidal flats, and feast on running salmon. After a 45-minute flight you land effortlessly on the gently curving beach, you will have another bear safety briefing, before setting off on foot through grasses to reach a wooded area along the marsh. You will spend the next three hours in the company of brown bears, getting to know them and feeling connected to them in a way you never thought possible. After you fly back to Homer, you will enjoy a Farewell Dinner as well as a leisurely walk along one of Homer’s most scenic beaches.

Day 6 – Thursday, August 15: Homer (departure)

This morning you will say farewell to your This morning you will bid farewell to Homer and your travel companions. You can either fly back to Anchorage on a a scheduled flight or ride back with us. You return home enchanted by an appreciation for Alaska’s brown bears. You will bring back memories that will last a lifetime.


This itinerary is fluid to adapt for changes in weather, wildlife and/or partnering subcontractor’s schedule changes. For instance, be flexible with possible flight delays due to poor aviation weather or mechanical issues that are out of our control.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TRANSPORTATION Please arrive August 10 in Homer by 4:00 PM. There are scheduled flights from Anchorage to Homer. You are also welcome to drive by van with us. We will leave Anchorage at 9:00 AM on August 10. If you fly to Homer, we can pick you up upon your arrival, provided your flight doesn’t arrive before noon. We will meet for a group orientation at 4:00 PM, with the Welcome dinner in Homer thereafter to kick off the tour. Please note: Airfare to and from your departure city and Homer, as well as trip insurance, are not included in the trip fee. The tour is over on August 15 in Homer after breakfast. You can either book a flight back to Anchorage and your home airport, or drive back with us to Anchorage in the van. We plan to arrive in Anchorage around 6:00 PM.


Avishak-Ayar-New-York-Wild-Alaska-Travel-Guest-TestimonialThe Alaska Polar Bear and Northern Lights Tour was the journey of a lifetime for me. It was an adventure that will be hard to duplicate in my future travels. I would recommend this trip to anyone without batting an eyelid.”

Avishek Ayar, New York

Judith-Krik-Guest-Testimonial-Alaska-Polar-Bear-and-Northern-Lights-Tour-Wild-Alaska-Travel“The Alaska Polar Bear and Northern Lights Tour by Laurent Dick of Wild Alaska Travel is over the top. How he managed to gel five individuals so expertly is beyond miraculous. I think it was his contagious enthusiasm that guided us all to have a blast. My advice: Grasp the moments with Laurent. You won’t regret it at all.”

Judith Kirk, Connecticut

Natalie-Palmer-Guest-Testimonial-Alaska-Polar-Bear-Northern-Lights-Tour“Laurent, I have had such an amazing time and am over the moon with the things I’ve seen, the places I’ve been so lucky to be and the people and animals I met and saw along the way, including you! You are such an inspiration to me and I really admire your sense of adventure and passion towards the wilderness and love for what you do and where you live. I had a blast traveling with you and am going home with some super memories, super photos and super stories. Not only have I had a blast but I have learnt a lot on this trip, and that to me is a sign of a great guide and great people along the way.”

Natalie Palmer, Australia

Steve-Ihlenburg-Guest-Testimonial-Alaska-Polar-Bear-and-Northern-Lights-Tour-Wild-Alaska-Travel“Not a day goes by that I don’t recall some moment from our trip to Alaska. The lay of the land, your expert knowledge of everything that was going on and the overwhelming beauty of Alaska was exactly what I had hoped for. What a great time!”

Steve Ihlenburg, New York


“This tour was way above my expectations in every way. If you want an awesome tour of northern Alaska, Polar Bears and the Northern Lights, do not hesitate to book with Wild Alaska Travel. Thanks Laurent for the best travel experience ever, I loved every minute of it.

Shirley Scully, Rhode Island

Jeff-and-Sue-Ginsberg-Wild-Alaska-Travel-Guest-Testimonial“My wife and I have long wished to see Polar Bear in the Arctic. Both of us were also interested in seeing the Northern Lights. After researching the internet for some time we thought this would require two separate trips. That’s when my wife found Wild Alaska Travel on the internet and after contacting owner Laurent Dick to get a feel for the tour she booked the trip. She couldn’t have made a better decision. For us it was a truly incredible experience. Everything that was promised was delivered and then some! Just about everyone we share our pictures with has commented that they look like something out of National Geographic.”

Jeff & Sue Ginsberg, Colorado

Mandy-Chan-Hong-Kong-Guest-Testimonial-Alaska-Polar-Bear-And-Northern-Lights-Tour-with-Wild-Alaska-Travel1“It was really an unforgettable journey.”

Mandy Chan, Hong Kong

“I just wanted to say what a fabulous time I had on the Alaska Polar Bear & Northern Lights Tour. Laurent, you did so well maintaining a balance between letting us explore freely and keeping us on schedule. Thank you for providing something so real and experiential.”

Erika Osteraas, California

Julie-Williams-New-Zealand-Wild-Alaska-Travel-Guest“I just want to say how much I totally enjoyed the trip, it really did exceed my expectations and I am so grateful I got a glimpse of the real Alaska, thank you for creating a tour that is off the beaten track and away from the typical tourist scene.”

Julie Williams, New Zeland

Anna-Waller-Guest-Testimonial-Alaska-Polar-Bear-and-Northern-Lights-Tour-Wild-Alaska-Travel“I am grateful for this once in a life-time experience. I enjoyed everyone and will remember fond memories for a long time.”

Anna Waller, New York

Judy-DeZambala-Alaska-Polar-Bear-Northern-Lights-Tour-Guest-Testimonial“Thank you for being an exceptional guide. It was truly an amazing adventure.”

Judy deZabala, New York

Vikki-Schou-New-Zealand-Wild-Alaska-Travel-Guest“Thank you for being a great host and showing us a fabulous side of Alaska that most people don’t get to see.”

Vikki Schou, New Zealand

Vaibhav-Joshi-Guest-Testimonial-Alaska-Polar-Bear-and-Northern-Lights-Tour1“It was a fantastic trip. Laurent is an awesome tour guide. He knows Alaska inside out.”

Vaibhav Joshi, Georgia

Nancy-Milner-Guest-Testimonial-Alaska-Polar-Bear-and-Northern-Lights-Tour-Wild-Alaska-Travel“I always wanted to see the Northern Lights but this trip also included Polar Bears in their natural habitat. What a bonus! Laurent was attentive and knowledgeable. The trip was exactly what I expected. Traveling through Alaska, the way the trip was advertised, you will not get 5 star hotels, so don’t expect that. But you will experience the real life of those wonderful people that live in the very extreme northern Alaska.
This trip was great fun for many reasons, the Lights, the Bears, the group of people I was with and also Laurent. Yes, you could get up North on your own, but why not travel with a group of new friends and a guide that will make it fun and adventurous. I have traveled a lot and all over the world. And have a lot of stories to tell about guides, but Laurent is up there in my top two. I will travel with Wild Alaska Travel again.”

Nancy Milner, Arizona

Erine-Weissman-Guest-Testimonial-Alaska-Polar-Bear-and-Northern-Lights-Tour-Wild-Alaska-Travel“I just wanted to say thanks again for being such an amazing guide! Every time i tell people about my trip I have a huge smile on my face!”

Erina Weissman, California


Xochitl-Patron-Guest-Testimonial-Alaska-Polar-Bear-and-Northern-Lights-Tour-Wild-Alaska-Travel“Thanks a lot for your patience and willingness to show us Alaska. Every time that we talk about the trip, we have a big smile! You are a great host! Thank you again for everything – it was an amazing trip!”

Xóchitl Patron Hernandez, Mexico

David-Waldmon-Jantina-Tuthill-Wild-Alaska-Travel-Testimonials“Many, many thanks for providing us with such a wonderful experience of a lifetime. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing the time with you and enjoying the moments which will now last a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you again soon on another adventure!”

David Waldman & Jantina Tuthill, Wyoming

Tim-and-Sue-Coleman-Guest-Testimonials-Alaska-Polar-Bear-and-Northern-Lights-Tour-Wild-Alaska-Travel“Alaska is an incredibly beautiful and vast place, wild and open. Words, photos and video can’t come close to the experience of the reality. If you love the outdoors, adventure and want to visit authentic places, experience firsthand the real Alaska, this may be the trip for you. If you are open and accepting, respectful of others, flexible and adaptable, this may be the trip for you. If you love quiet, solitude, remote locations and the unexpected, this may be the trip for you. For us, what a trip! What a place! Truly, the adventure of a lifetime!”

Tim & Sue Coleman, North Carolina

Urs-and-Edith-Switzerland-Wild-Alaska-Travel-Guest-Testimonial“Wir fanden die Tour einfach grandios! Ihr hättet nichts besser machen können! Nan ist ein grossartiger Guide, stets um das Wohl ihrer Gäste besorgt und unglaublich hilfsbereit! Wir hätten es gar nicht besser treffen können!Unvergesslich sind natürlich die Eisbären in Kaktovik und der legendäre Guide, Robert Thompson! Wir können die Tour zu den Eisbären mit Wild Alaska Travel jedem weiter empfehlen. Am liebsten würden wir gleich wieder selbst mitreisen!“

Urs & Edith, Switzerland

Joyce-Crozier-Alaska-Wild-Alaska-Travel-Guest-Testimonial“My wish on this trip was to see polar bears in their natural environment and that dream came true. I let my sister do all the research and she made an excellent choice. She had talked to two people that had made the trip last year and highly recommended Laurent Dick as guide. I live in Alaska, more than forty years now. I have seen a lot of wild life but nothing compares to seeing the Polar Bears in Kaktovik!”

Joyce Crozier, Alaska

Somia-Bhattacharya-Guest-Testimonial-Alaska-Polar-Bear-and-Northern-Lights-Tour-Wild-Alaska-Travel“I really cherished this trip and maybe sometime in future I will take this trip once more.”

Somia Bhattacharya, Arkansas

Viv-Payl-Dullforce-Guest-Testimonial-Alaska-Polar-Bear-and-Northern-Lights-Tour“We are back in rainy London & are both still talking about the amazing experiences of the tripPaul & I agreed that it was a once in a Lifetime trip with everything we experienced.”

Viv & Paul Dullforce, United Kingdom

**We only require a $500 deposit per person to hold your space.

Brown Bear and Salmon - Photo (c) Laurent Dick